The Cambridge Institute for Innovation has published a number of resources on innovation; other interesting and useful UK sites are suggested.

On strategy

Article: “Promote entrepreneurial spirit in the NHS“; Health Service Journal, 17 March 2014.


On human behaviour and innovation

Article: “Human Behaviour and Innovation in the NHS“; Health Service Journal, 27 February 2013


Cii highlights a number of relevant sites for innovation



Big Innovation Centre:



the innovation manifestoThe Innovation Manifesto – A blueprint for creativity, entrepreneurship and meaningful work

My aim or rather hope from reading this book is that you are better able to ‘jigger’ your thoughts and imagination such that creative thinking and the doing, the practice of developing an idea becomes more meaningful, that innovation becomes more of a habit and at some stage down the line produces something of value to a community or society. In creating a personal or organisational manifesto, we have gone some way in answering or at least addressing an age-old question: what is the good life and how do we lead one?


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By the same author

odd-couplingOdd-coupling – the creative and innovative power from recombining resources

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