Cii has expertise in the design and delivery of innovation strategy

We help to build organisational innovation strategy by working and engaging with teams.

Route Map

A route map for innovation sets out primary objectives, what resources will be required; business plans from the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship are useful backdrops to thinking and planning a route map.

3 square principle®

Cii works on a ‘3 square principle’ of devising, implementing and evaluating innovation strategy.  There are three sets of inter-linking processes that need to be seen in their entirety:


Prepare the ground for innovation:
– ability to connect with all staff
– utilise a range of methods to engage with them
– co-create organisational innovational strategy out of these activities


Build in three quality processes:
– quality control: establish a small number of working groups
– quality management: establish an Advisory Group
– quality assurance: nominate an execute lead who reports to the Board

Outcomes and impact

To ensure good outcomes and impact:
– scope what resources you intend to invest to innovation
– incentivise staff involvement
– undertake robust evaluation and present findings to the Board

Objective setting

The craft of any successful strategy is to ensure that there is a careful balance of short, medium and long terms goals.  All employees can be encouraged to be part of its design.  The specific objectives of the ensuing strategy will therefore be made meaningful and employees can see how they add value to organisational goals.

Designed evaluation

The other main craft of a strategy is to design in evaluation from the beginning not as an ‘add-on’.  Evaluation is different from but builds on the work of a PMO and efforts around ‘benefits realisation’.  Well-designed evaluation provides good (invaluable) data for the organisation: what to stop, what to change and what to give a ‘free rein’.



Communication will require a careful blend and co-ordination across multiple channels of communication; a well-designed evaluation strategy will help deliver the ‘content’ of any communication of an organisational strategy.