Education will play a critical role in the delivery and implementation of an innovation strategy; it will shape and support the concept of a ‘learning organisation’ and place the investment in skill acquisition and utilisation at the forefront of an organisation’s goals.


Innovation infrastructure

By infrastructure, we simply mean three components: systems & processes (eg incentivisation and HR policy), capacity (the numbers of staff who are directly engaged with innovation and capability (the numbers of staff who have the necessary skills to bring about adoption of innovatory practices as the norm within the organisation.



Cii believes that innovation skills (as indeed entrepreneurship skills) can be taught and that they improve with practice i.e. ideas can be quickly evaluated, risks well managed and action commenced.  The Institute runs bespoke educational workshops to stimulate, develop and excel in innovation skills.



Cii works with a number of UK Higher Education Institutes to accredit all Cii education and training workshops.  We currently offer an ‘Institute of Leadership Management’ in Innovation Leadership.