We work with people that wish to be driven by an innovation ideal: the pursuit of a better service or product that adds value to organisations, communities and to the wider society.

Quality improvement

On the role of innovation and ideas to addressing quality improvement in service.

‘The problems new policies, inspections and audits address are real, but they do not solve them. They waste money, breed resentment, squander goodwill and raise false expectations – all high prices to pay for marginal improvements to premises, processes and procedures, none of which are what we really mean by quality. Clipboards and reports have no power to change hearts and minds, lift morale, fire imaginations or inspire success’… investing and valuing the contribution of staff through ideas and innovation is the most rewarding way to fully connect and engage which will bring about meaningful and lasting improvements to the quality of service.

Political will

By political will, we mean the combined sense of purpose, conviction and determination to achieve a defined goal.


We work with organisations that are motivated by the ideal of benefiting people and adding value to society.


Leadership can be defined as having the skills and abilities of all of the above characteristics; organisational innovation begins with a leadership vision which envisions innovation as core part of the service culture.

the innovation manifestoGuide

A guide to creating and developing a personal or organisational manifesto has been published. This book examines key concepts of creativity, imagination and entrepreneurship; it looks at ways in which we can habitualise the creative process and in time make innovative thinking a way of life and a way of living.

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