The Cambridge Institute for innovation (Cii) was established in 2014.  The Institute has its origins in the Cambridge Institute for Research, Education and Management which was founded in 2002.

Cii specialises in three main activities: co-designing innovation strategy through organisational engagement, developing innovation infrastructure and evaluating the impact of the strategy.

Cii has significant expertise at working at Board and executive level and, in developing team based approaches to innovation (e.g. Clinical Teams, enterprise, R&D departments).

Cii places a strong emphasis on an ethical approach to all its work: we strive towards adding value and benefit to organisations. We undertake our innovation and research in a sensitive manner, mindful of confidentiality and data protection. We acknowledge that all innovation and research constitutes an ‘intervention’ and is undertaken within a business and social context.

Advisory Board

Adi Kasliwal,   Founder and Commercial Director, Speakset, UK

Paul O’Neil,  Director,  NHS Leadership, UK

Alf   Martin Johansen, CEO, Induct Software, Norway

Oonagh Aitken, CEO, Third Sector organisation, UK

Avi Mehra, Clinical Fellow, NHS, UK

Management Team & Senior Fellows

Dr Gordon Watson, Senior Fellow

Cia Durante, Senior Fellow

Jenny Price, Senior Fellow

Rosemary Oakland, Head of Administration

Jonathan Evans, Managing Director

Dr Christopher Loughlan, CEO

John Sargent, Senior Associate

Dr Mary Cooke, Senior Associate